I create professional translations

I translate English, French, Spanish and Italian texts into German,
and German, French, Spanish and Italian texts into English.

Certified translations

English > German and German > English
I am a publicly appointed and sworn legal document translator for German and English. I translate and certify documents needed in court, for the police or registrars, customs or other authorities as well as notaries, insurance companies, employers, landlords, schools etc.
My certified translations look like the original documents (apart from the seals). Be it a diploma, an official transcript, a verdict, a marriage certificate or birth certificate, or a contract: The authorities of all countries whose official language is English or German, will accept my certified professional translation as valid.

My philosophy: true to real life and first-hand

I am not a supplier of the “translation industry“, and I do not offer industrial translations—mass products based on translation software. True-to-life translations are based on real understanding and real brains, with education, learning and culture, a “feel” for language and creativity, knowledge of life and experience. Not high speed and mass output, but love for detail, perfection and beauty.

My translations are first-hand translations.

What you pay for my translation goes into the quality of the work—all of it. That is the advantage over working with an agency, which charges the same price but will pay only part of it to an anonymous subcontractor. I do all the work myself; no time lost for the agency’s search of the cheapest (naturally, not the best) subcontractor.