If you need a professional for interpreting, translation, editing a text or for ghostwriting:

I work for you myself. And today, this is a rare advantage.

It means:

  • Direct communication instead of an agency—no detours, no loss of time.
  • You know who does the work—no anonymous subcontractors.
  • All of what you pay goes into the quality of the work—nothing gets skimmed off.
  • I interpret and create professional translations, including legal documents, with experience since 1984, on the basis of education and learning, practical knowledge of life, a „feel“ for what is good to read, and love for detail—no industrial CAT production.

Translation based on a life lived

A translation that is good to read, that transmits the meaning, but also the style and nuances of the source text, true to life, must be „handmade“. By a person who knows how the text feels for people in both cultures, because she or he has lived in both cultures. I am familiar with speaking, writing, thinking and feeling in German, English, French, Spanish and Italian. Specialized translation also requires understanding the subject matter, which means personal learning, knowledge, experience. And those are things I have to offer.

Certified / sworn translation

As a publicly appointed and sworn document translator, I am authorized to translate and certify legal documents from English to German and from German to English. These certified translations look like the original documents and are legally valid for all authorities in all countries whose official language is English or German.

Interpretation / sworn

In a situation where they need an interpreter, people are often under stress. They have to communicate with authorities in a foreign country (not always for pleasant reasons), or with a doctor, or negotiate with business partners whose language they don’t understand. In situations like these, I help both sides—with respect and sensitivity—to understand each other.

Proofreading / editing service German and English

Proofreading or editing a text you have written is tricky. You see what you meant to write—not what is actually on the page. If you want your text to be really error-free, properly structured, good to read and logically consistent, better have it proofread by someone who does not see what you meant, but what you have written. Someone who is a pro in language, its styles, and logics.

Ghostwriting / coaching German and English

There are ghostwriters who write doctoral dissertations and the like for other people. I neither approve nor offer that kind of service. I write biographies, speeches, letters of application and copy for marketing purposes. If a text exists in a preliminary version, I coach the author on optimizing it.

Language lessons

I teach German, English, French, and Spanish, including business / financial English and German, one-on-one or in small groups. My lessons are always custom-tailored to the enterprise’s and / or the students’ needs. Completely flexible choice of materials and hours. The classroom is in a Jugendstil house in Freiburg’s Oberwiehre.