Ghostwriting, Copywriting

If you need a special English or German text for a special purpose or occasion, but you are no language professional, it might be better not to rack your brains over it forever—and with little success. A good ghostwriter or copywriter can save you lots of time, nerves and frustration. And you get a text that is really presentable.

Have you heard, every now and then, “You ought to write a book”? An eventful life, full of suspense, experience of history, successes and challenging twists of fate, but also fun and humor? Then you should tell me all these stories and have me write your biography with you. I will organize and present the material so that it gets to be a page-turner. Or you know a lot about a specific subject, and could help other people with that knowledge, but it’s not writing that is your forte? I can do it for you and with you as your ghostwriter.

Ghostwriting and copywriting projects I accept are biographies or speeches, letters and PR / marketing texts, but not academic texts for submission or publication under another person’s name.

When a text exists in a preliminary version, I can optimize it within a professional editing process and / or coaching.

Discretion is a matter of course.