Proofreading / editing service German and English

“Two heads are better than one”, or “every author needs a proofreader”. For if you read something you have translated or written yourself, you often see what you meant to write, not what you actually put there.

I proofread and edit book and speech manuscripts, articles as well as papers in the humanities and economics in German and English. Texts like these should be free of errors in spelling, punctuation and grammar. This is what my proofreading is for. Moreover, they should be logically “watertight”, understandable and free of ambiguities or potential sources of misunderstanding. They will be when they have gone through my professional editing process.

Proofreading often leads to editing and coaching. By asking the author what a passage means, I contribute to clarifying the thoughts to be communicated. This improves any text. A professional editing process can include research on contents, so that I can make the author aware of uncertainties in facts or reasoning. Through the editing process, I optimize a preliminary version of a text, i.e., I can strongly improve it in language and content.

Within this process, I take care to be “minimally invasive”, leaving as much as possible of the author’s text and style instead of imposing my own style.