Interpreting, consecutive or simultaneous (if needed, sworn)

I am a sworn liaison and court interpreter for English and German.

A court interpreter may be needed, obviously, in court, but also for a police hearing, a discussion with customs officers, or a consultation with a lawyer. When people of differing native languages marry, they have to bring in a sworn interpreter to the registrar’s office, and sometimes a sworn professional is needed for a public hearing. In addition, I can help in a consultation with a doctor or business conferences, negotiations or—thanks to my specialization in finance—in audits.

In Germany, most of the people involved in this kind of communication will „speak English“; i.e., they can express themselves in a relatively simple way and understand relatively simple English, in the pronunciation they have learned in school. Often, however, it is of the essence in these situations to grasp nuances or linguistic variants—e.g., English as spoken in India or Africa, or simply by a person who is upset or afraid—, and this goes far beyond what Germans learn in school. If your native language is English, you might not have learned German in school at all. The support of a professional will help both sides to really understand each other in these situations.

Interpreting is a very personal process and requires a high degree of sensitivity, because as an interpreter, I have to communicate what is being said, on the spot and without time to reconsider, but taking into account the abilities and the situation of both sides. When a traumatized victim of violence gives a testimony, experience and sensitivity are especially important. In communications with a doctor, a judge, a police officer etc., my respectful attitude can encourage the persons concerned to speak, to ask questions and to actively participate in the communication. In a marriage ceremony, in addition to correctly transmitting what is being said, I contribute to a festive and dignified atmosphere. Admittedly, these missions are particularly welcome.

I offer consecutive interpretation for speeches, lectures, trainings, and seminars. My broad education is a good basis for this.

With my public appointment I am qualified for missions outside my federal state as well. For police and customs authorities I also interpret French and Spanish.

A “Chinese Wall” of discretion is a matter of course.