About me

Starting 1978: Language teacher

Starting 1984: Professional translator

Source languages: German/English/French/Spanish/Italian
Target languages: German/American English

Starting 1998: Freelance translator for European Investment Bank (partly inhouse), and freelance translator for European Central Bank (partly inhouse)

2003-2019: Freelance translator for Bank for International Settlements (until German publication service was discontinued)

Since 2009: Publicly appointed and sworn document translator for English<>German; translations for investors’ lawsuits, interpreting in court/police hearings as well as transactions with registrars, notaries and other authorities

Since 2011: Freelance translator for KfW Bankengruppe (German>English)

Since 2012: Publicly appointed and sworn court interpreter for English<>German (simultaneous); freelance translator for German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) and Zurich University of Applied Sciences, Applied Psychology Dept.

Starting 2019: Audio transcription/translation for courts and  Zollfahndung (customs investigation)

As this summary shows, I work mainly on legal and finance topics now, but my University degrees are in Philosophy and Philology (English and Romance Languages/Literature), and I have worked as a journalist.

Apart from my own research, I have translated hundreds of articles, e.g., for Harvard Business Manager/Manager Magazin and many books (all nonfiction, list below) on topics like philosophy, art, architecture, history etc. as well as management and economics – target languages: German and US English.

I see my particular strength in the fact that my translations are “handmade” with a background of solid knowledge of Europe’s history of ideas – plus Internet research and my database, built in more than 30 years in the profession, 14 of them working for supranational banks. Inhouse work at the EIB and ECB with their Translation Manager and TRADOS.